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The Importance of a Web Domain

How and why is a domain important to my company?

The name of your website is undoubtedly the cover letter to your visitors. If you are really interested in having an effective presence on the Internet, you must be cautious and choose your domain very well, which should make browsing easier and more accessible for people.

The domain concept is similar to the identity document, however it is not necessary to recite our identity number every time we want to refer to someone, that is what our names are for, in the digital world of the Internet the same thing happens, the IP address of your website is ( but this connection number is very complex and long for your customers to memorize, so you have the option of creating a domain:, which will take your target audience directly to what you want to show.

Being a little more technical, the domain is linked to the IP address of your server where your page is stored, so your clients only type in their browser the name of your, the domain forwards them to the IP and this connects them to your server web that responds by sending them to the page, all these jumps are made in tenths of a second.

Your name in the first places of the search engines

Let's see a clear example of the importance when choosing our domain. Imagine that there are two web pages that are dedicated to renting cars. One of the websites is called and the other

The "mobilize" web has been working for a long time (Google takes into account the age of the domain). This page has a certain prestige, and many blogs have linked to it, which is called backlinks (Google also takes this into account). In addition, the owners of the business have made an effort to have it well prepared for the search engines, on the other hand, the website "rentatucarro" has just been released, it is a new page. The domain does not have as much experience, it is apparently far from appearing in the first search positions.

But to everyone's surprise, when someone searches Google for "Car rental" The page that appears in the first places is, the newest and with the least experience on the Internet, you must already be imagining why.

The key word for these two businesses is rental and cars. Your target audience will use those words in their searches. The web less prepared for SEO(Miami seo Company) has in its domain the keywords "rent" and "car" however, the other page, more prepared and with more work done to position it, does not contain that magic word and therefore, the search engines they will not throw it in the first places. Easy right?

Do not forget

  • Up to 64 characters are allowed for your domain name, but don't use all of them if possible. A domain must not be excessively long.
  • You must easily identify with the company, its services and products.
  • Having the keyword that characterizes your company, products or sector in the domain name will favor your position in search engines.

You can have your own domain, anyone can buy a first level internet domain name, which is available in their geographical area and is not assigned. Remember, your domain name can be the first impression, your face to the outside world and your new marketing plan, with Host dime you can register your domain right now. Contact us and we will help you to enhance your brand.

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